Get Your Shifter On!


I’m so excited to announce a new paranormal trilogy! For the were / shifter lover, I’ve just wrapped up these three sexy, fast-paced novellas that are a little suspenseful, a little humorous, and a whole lot of fun. And like any good pimp, I’m giving the first one away for FREE!

Set on the Mexico border in and around Nogales, AZ, the Lone Wolf series is in a fictional world where the werewolves live out in the open, the authorities operate in the gray areas (and sometimes they’re not the good guys), and local packs rule with an iron claw. Ash, a Lone Wolf who left his outlaw pack to try and be a respectable citizen, meets Sherri, a disillusioned FBI agent, and the two hook up for a wild that turns into something much more complicated (and dangerous). Much like my Chronicles of Yavn series I couldn’t be content to tell only Sherri and Ash’s story, though – there’s a whole cast of characters including a Jaguar shifter, a human sniper who works for Ash’s old pack, and an FBI agent who’s… well, we’re really not sure what he is. They each have their own little part in these novellas:

About Wild Nights with a Lone Wolf:Wild_Nights_with_a_Lone_Wolf_Staab_hires

Agent Sherri Walker needs a change of scenery. Her former lover nearly tanked her career, forcing her to take a leave of absence. A few drinks and a one-night stand with a sinfully hot stranger look like a great way to take her mind off her troubles, until that stranger’s past lands her in a new world of danger.

Asher Hughes left his outlaw pack but couldn’t ditch the bad blood. A lone wolf who’s always refused to bond, Ash is left wanting more after one night with a beautiful, spirited human. Worse, it puts Sherri in the crosshairs of an old pack enemy, and the only way to save her is to claim her as his own.

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About Wicked Days with a Lone Wolf:WD_LW_promo3

Sherri Walker quit her job and changed her zip code for a man who is often known to howl at the moon. When she trips over a dead body and her criminal ex pops up, she’s forced to confront her past and take a detour from her spontaneous future. Suddenly nothing is clear and Sherri questions an already unlikely relationship. Is Ash her future, or is the danger of loving a werewolf too much to handle?

Even though he’s left his pack, Asher Hughes still values family. His sister-in-law needs protection, but the new love in his life may be in danger as well. Sherri’s ex is whispering poison in her ear, and Ash is feeling pulled between old loyalties, and the chance at a new beginning with the human he wants. It’s enough to make anyone, man or beast, go crazy.

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About Blood Moon Over a Lone Wolf (coming 4/7!):

Humans vs. shifters. Good vs. evil.
In the third book in the Lone Wolf series, lines blur and loyalties are put to the test:Will Ash put blood before his human’s love? Will Kyle shun Jett’s newly found affection and return to the pack that nearly destroyed them both? Protecting Zoe could cost Lane everything, but he may be the only person who has the power to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, the blood moon looms over them all, transforming lovers into strangers and weakening those who gain their power when the moon is bright.


I had SO much fun writing these novellas, folks! I hope to write more, if the interest is there. So let me know, either by email or leaving a review for the book at your favorite vendor. It was an idea that popped into my head one afternoon, and I couldn’t let it go. I’ve fallen so in love with these characters. I hope you do too!
Happy reading!!


Look at you! You’re beautiful.

Beautiful sign

Boy, 2014 sure was something. I had plans. Didn’t you guys? I had big plans, small plans, and even a few modest “Dammit, I can do this” ones. Not too many of my plans worked out the way I hoped–turns out kids and their needs can really divert your focus when you’re not paying attention.  I confess I started 2015 with a lot of stress and despair.

However… just recently my father came to visit, and took our whole family out for ice cream. I haven’t always had the best relationship with my dad so it was a really nice gesture, and of course my kids were thrilled because going out for ice cream is one of those uber special treats we don’t get too often around here.

I went to the bathroom during our visit at the ice cream parlor, and found the above sign taped up by the mirror. It was a needed blast of light in the darkness. A reminder that kind people exist in the world, and that things are always better when I think positive. So I’m passing it on, in case all of you find the sentiment helpful.

Remember that you’re beautiful. We all are.

Rock on, gorgeous. 🙂

Christmas Wonder Blog Hop and Giveaway!

christmas wonderfinal

It’s the last blog hop of the year, folks! I’ve had fun with these this year, especially since I’m kind of terrible at remembering to update my blog otherwise. It gives me an excuse to do something once in awhile, and hopefully it gets some folks stopping through. (waves hello) So anyway…
Celebrate the Wonder of the Season! Visit all of the blogs to see what they love most about the season and which books have made their Christmas wish lists! There’s a giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!

So what’s everyone looking forward to this holiday season? What books or fun toys are you hoping to get from Santa? Me, I have a confession to make: I hardly ever read holiday books. Do me a favor and suggest some below! I’m looking forward to some excellent recommendations. I wanna read some!

Mostly, I’m looking forward to the usual. Time with my family, time to catch up on writing, and time to read some fun books for pleasure. I just loaded up my Kindle with a cornucopia of books by Megan Hart, Tiffany Reisz, Sonali Dev, Mary Calmes, Eli Easton, Ruthie Knox, Amy Lane, A.M. Arthur, Nyrae Dawn, and C. Desir to enjoy over the holidays. Think I’ll have time to read them all? Think I won’t buy more even if I don’t? Think I won’t be stuffing my face with gingerbread cookies at the same time?

Mmm. Gingerbread.

So I’m giving away an Amazon gift card in addition to the grand prize, because a) I’m a little bit lazy and they’re easy to give out and b) they’re one of my favorite things to get because they result in my being able to buy more ebooks.  So enter below. Happy reading, happy hopping, and happy holidays!


I love this

I’ve seen a lot of ugliness lately, both in my personal life and elsewhere. It’s been hard not to dwell on all the negativity, but I prefer very much to give energy to the positives, including things like this.

Spotlight and Giveaway: The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

I’m pleased to share this new anthology from my fellow WRW members at the Lady Smut blog! They’ve been kind enough to provide me with an e-ARC of the book for me to give away this week. Check it out, and happy reading! 

About the book:

Four paranormal stories of erotic temptation & paranormal thrills!


When a vampire materializes through her computer, successful vampire-romance romance author Brenna Bang finds herself marked for inescapable passion with a tech savvy bloodsucker.


Christina tries to figure out how to unlock her grandmother’s wardrobe and uncover what happened all those years ago when the goblins came to offer their sensuous erotic fruits.

SEXSOMNIA by Madeline Iva

Jenny needs to unravel the mystery of what she does at night and who she does it with in order to subdue the sexual demon inside her.

DIVINE by Elizabeth Shore

Locked in an abandoned mental asylum, an ambitious filmmaker soon discovers she’s trapped with a Dionysian god. He offers her a glimpse of astounding future artistic success—but it will only come true if she’ll perform an erotic ritual to free him.

Find it: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads


(contest open to all legal adults with a viable e-reader or appropriate ebook reading app, no purchase necessary)