Losing the Fight is Out Now!


Pro tip! Never release a book while moving. Folks, I know organization isn’t my strong suit but this latest release has been the hardest while I pack the home I’ve lived in for ten  years, which SUCKS because I honestly love this story and I think it’s amazing. I hope you agree.

About Losing the Fight:

He’s already blown his shot…

Tyler Thacker threw away his MMA title. When his brother died and he lost the girl he loved, getting his career back seemed impossible. Now that girl is in the picture again and so is his chance to set things right.

Kate Flynn hasn’t been the same since the accident that killed Tyler’s twin and left her injured. When their best friend drags her to Evergreen Grove, she comes face to face with her first love. Being around Ty pushes her to get her life in order, but it also brings up pain she’d rather have kept buried.

Tyler needs to reclaim his future. Kate needs to let go of the past. Maybe, together, they can fight through the agony of what they’ve lost. Maybe, together, they’ll win something truly amazing.

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