Look at you! You’re beautiful.

Beautiful sign

Boy, 2014 sure was something. I had plans. Didn’t you guys? I had big plans, small plans, and even a few modest “Dammit, I can do this” ones. Not too many of my plans worked out the way I hoped–turns out kids and their needs can really divert your focus when you’re not paying attention.  I confess I started 2015 with a lot of stress and despair.

However… just recently my father came to visit, and took our whole family out for ice cream. I haven’t always had the best relationship with my dad so it was a really nice gesture, and of course my kids were thrilled because going out for ice cream is one of those uber special treats we don’t get too often around here.

I went to the bathroom during our visit at the ice cream parlor, and found the above sign taped up by the mirror. It was a needed blast of light in the darkness. A reminder that kind people exist in the world, and that things are always better when I think positive. So I’m passing it on, in case all of you find the sentiment helpful.

Remember that you’re beautiful. We all are.

Rock on, gorgeous. 🙂

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