It’s Like Living on the Moon

For about the last week and a half our internet has been wonky. We’re not really sure why. Yeah, we could try to find out, but the worst of the trouble–about three days of zero connectivity during which time I was too busy dealing with my children to call the cable company–has passed. Right now it’s just a little slower than it should be, with occasional drops in service that come back fast enough it’s not really worth bothering. The “tech husband” has been slammed at work, and when he gets home I am usually too focused on handing him the kiddos so I can get to work on writing to worry about “Oh yeah, the internet was jacked-up again today.”
For some odd reason it always works again by the time he gets home. It’s like it knows. 

What I’ve noticed in all of this, however, is an increase in my level of agitation. I don’t have a smartphone. I’ve had to respond to emails a little more slowly. I can’t get on Twitter or Facebook as often. Pinterest is a no-go. I can’t watch The Voice, dammit! (we don’t have cable so I have to catch up online – I know, it’s crazypants) For those few hours during the day when my network is down I feel like I’m on a mountain somewhere. Worse, out in space!

I do still have a phone, and I can still text, and frankly it’s also been a good excuse to focus inward. Less time surfing the web and more with writing and playing with my kids in the wake of the awful week we’ve had as a nation. But it’s been so weird feeling cut off from the rest of the world even though I’m really not cut of that much. I just can’t respond to emails quite so fast. At the end of the day, the few emails that have truly felt urgent, managed to get handled.  I’m reminded of how dependent I’ve become on all our social networking stuff. I sleep with my iPad by my bed for crying out loud. Arguably this is because I read books on it at night before bed, but don’t think it isn’t also so I can wake up and check email in the morning.

So it’s kind of been a mixed blessing, being forced to unplug. I may be a little panicked having to slow down, but my kids are playing fewer video games and my kitchen is cleaner than its ever been. I suppose soon we’ll get this thing fixed, but for now it’s nice to see the silver lining.

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