New Cover Art for Prince of Power!

New Prince of Power cover

So Prince of Power is ready to go off to the printer soon, and I’ve been sent some gorgeous new

Original Prince of Power cover

artwork! I’m super excited about this story between Tyra, the vampire king’s half-blood sister, and Anton, a wizard and former vampire enemy. Anton is sexy, brooding, and tortured just the way I like my heroes, and this new cover brings him out beautifully.

It’s amazing what a book goes through start to finish. From the original draft to the final, the plot and characters can grow and change so much. And I think I remember hearing that Sourcebooks makes up to 40 versions of a book cover before the final one? So here’s the cool thing: dark, sexy, brooding Anton seen here on the original cover art that was displayed on Amazon, B&N, etc until recently, and the new cover art with depth of color, updated tagline, and also the very nice 4 1/2 star rating that King of Darkness received from RT mag.

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