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Favorite Firsts, Hunter by Night, and a GIVEAWAY!

For everyone who has asked about Lee’s book, the manuscript for Hunter by Night is due to my editor on… OHFUCKMERUNNING Friday! Cross your fingers and toes, people! My critique buddies tell me it’s the strongest thing I’ve written, and I sincerely hope you all agree. I love, love Lee and Alexia. Something about those two really work with my Muse’s mojo. ūüôā (Gotta tell you though, I’ve already fleshed out the plot for book 4, and that hero has my muse purring like a kitten. It’s a tough contest) The release date for Hunter by Night ¬†is scheduled for January 2014. I know, seems like a looong way. There’s lots to be done between then and now. Like sexy cover art. While you’ve got those fingers and toes crossed, let’s say a prayer for some uber sexy cover art!

Meanwhile…¬†I am SO flattered to announce that the Guilty Indulgence Romance Review site has chosen King of Darkness as this month’s book club read! To celebrate I shared a post about some of my favorite firsts, stop by and leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Prince of Power!¬†(contest ends 3.1)

From Tyra to Anton with Love


In celebration of Valentine’s Day I’m at Reading Between the Wines this week sharing a special love letter from Tyra to Anton. If you’ve read Prince of Power then you might be expecting Anton to be the one to write the love letter. I was pleasantly surprised to find this letter from Tyra. I think you’ll enjoy. Also, stop by between now and Monday, Feb 18, for a chance to win a copy of King of Darkness OR Prince of Power!

Boy Sure Does Get Around, Huh?

princeofpower-1000I love, love, LOVE my cover for Prince of Power. I think the image of this smoldering shirtless hunk staring over his shoulder with the still-oozing bite of his vampire lover captures Anton perfectly. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the cover artist whose job it is to take the¬†concepts¬†of my books and so many others great stories and interpret that concept visually. So I want to be clear that this blog post is very tongue in cheek. It’s just the amusing reality of stock photography. You find a gorgeous man that would look exceptionally sexy on a book cover? Chances are, some other folks have too.

And “my Anton,” he’s a hot, hot, sexy hero. Many Coroprate Takeover - Victoria Bricecover artists have agreed. MANY. You can find him out there in everything from surf shorts to his tighty-whities, to threesomes (I think somewhere I even saw him in a¬†fivesome?¬†The mind boggles.) and everything in-between. Or…nothing at all.

double shot - christine daboChris, at a blog site called Stumbling Over Chaos has an entire series of posts devoted to Anton, or as she calls him, “Starey Glarey Guy.” I prefer “Smoldering Hotness,” but whatev. It makes for a good chuckle, and I have to say some of the covers were¬†intriguing¬†enough that now I kinda wanna check the books out.

Happy reading, everyone. I’ve got a deadline looming so everyone may be hearing from me less. Just remember, it’s all for a good cause:

Lee Goram, the King's human-hating first in command

Lee Goram, the King’s human-hating first in command