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The Only Constant is Change


Because I’ve gotten so many questions about what will be happening with the series after Hunter by Night, I am cross-posting this from the group blog to which I contribute, Paranormal Unbound (with some minor modification).  Yes, at one time it was thought that the series would be longer. No, that is not currently the plan. Yes, I think that’s okay. Everyone who has read Hunter by Night so far agrees that it’s the strongest of the trilogy, and I’m so happy to be resting on a high note. <3

(Quick mention: if you haven’t started the series yet and want to, King of Darkness is on Sale for $2.99 in ebook until June 1 at all ebook vendors)

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Countdown Widget for Hunter by Night!

26 days until Hunter by night’s release! How do I know? Well I’ve been obsessively checking the calendar, that’s how. Also, I’ve got this cool countdown thingie, courtesy of Viviana, Enchantress of Books (find her at the RT Con for all your book pimping needs)!

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Random Nostalgia

So I was reading a post on someone else’s blog this morning, about an idea that was born at a Cracker Barrel. Since I haven’t eaten at one of those in years, it occurred to me that a) a story idea I’m currently playing with also came (in part) from an encounter I once had a Cracker Barrel and b) before that, the last time I’d eaten at one was after camping with friends – we got rained out, and when we woke up the next morning we decided warm biscuits beat wet cereal or trying to make a fire.

I’l admit, I’m kind of a wussy when it comes to camping. My idea of “roughing it” is staying in a hotel that lacks wi-fi or valet parking. I tried to paddle a canoe in girl scout camp and wound up going backwards. I’m simply not outdoors inclined unless it’s to read a book in the sun.

I went camping that rainy weekend–it’s been maybe a decade or so now–because my friends wanted to go and I loved my friends. I’m one of those people with only child syndrome, so I tend to be super loyal to my buddies because I didn’t have a big, tight-knit family. Oh, yeah, and there was a boy involved (isn’t there always?). Disappointingly, none of those folks are in my life now, but the memory made me realize how nostalgic I’ve been feeling lately about my college years. Maybe it’s the fact that I –gak- just passed my mid-thirties. *grabs the hair dye*

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m about to release the last book in my beloved Chronicles of Yavn trilogy that’s got me reflecting on all the angst of my twenties and earlier (horrors), but I’m doing the thing I never thought I’d do and noodling around with some younger characters, with very dark problems that have nothing to do with vampires. Will anything come out of it? We’ll see I suppose. I kinda hope so, because the hero? He looks an awful lot like this guy. 😉

More to come, I’m sure.

Adam von Rothfelder - Photo by Michael Stokes

Adam von Rothfelder – Photo by Michael Stokes


Stay awesome,


SO…whatcha reading?

Okay I’m big time braindead lately, folks. I posted this like a week ago but accidentally made it a new page/tab thingie at the top instead of a blog post. I win at all the awesomeness, ever.  *tosses confetti*

I don’t know about everybody else but for me it’s officially become the time of year when ALL I want to do is cuddle under my blankets with coffee and a good book.

TBR Pile_0615131257
Oh, TBR pile. I miss you, too.

So actually I’m not reading much right now except for pouring over the line edits for Hunter by Night, which I have been working through for the last couple of weeks. But. Prior to that, I’d gotten on a paranormal YA kick, and I was pretty psyched about that. I’m still kind of discovering YA, and I got a little overwhelmed by the contemporary stuff–some of it is fabulous, but so dark, so when I came across some really awesome paranormal YA I was totally hooked. I just finished Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins, which I totally loved. I can’t wait for book three. Also, I just found The Poison Princess. Everybody has been telling me this book is awesome so I think I may dive into this one after I’m done with my edits for Hunter by Night.

(BSP alert: Speaking of a bargain, King of Darkness is still on sale at a reduced price, if you didn’t snatch it while it was on sale for $1.99 you can grab it for a limited time at $2.99, which is still a couple of bucks off the usual price. No, it’s not YA, but it’ll still keep you warm when the weather gets chilly. :))

So what’s your go-to genre when the weather gets cold? I know a lot of folks are picking up holiday stuff. If so you may want to check out my friend Robin Covington’s Secret Santa Baby which is on sale now for 99 cents. A guaranteed win.

Happy reading!



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Deadlines, yo.

Lee Goram, the King's human-hating first in command

Lee Goram, the King’s human-hating commander

This is Lee. Remember Lee? I sure do, we’ve been logging a lot of quality time together these past couple of months. Hot, sweaty, sleepless nights full of coffee, hideous bastardizations of the f-bomb, and endless Spartacus marathons. We’re both big fans. Many thanks to Nyrae Dawn for getting us hooked on this show. She rocks hard.

So as my epic deadline to turn in the book draws near, we’ll both be huddled in close…conversation. Buffing, polishing, hoping to make Hunter by Night the best it can possibly be. I’ll try to post. I’ll try to Twitter and Facebook. I imagine I’ll need the occasional sanity break. But it may be a couple of weeks before I’m normal and sane again. Y’all know how these things go, I would imagine.

Just a heads-up, Lee’s January 2014 release date has been put on hold by my publisher. It will still be early 2014 I think, but I don’t have the exact date at the moment. As soon as I know, YOU will know. Sweartagod.

Thank-you as always for your patience and support. Big hugs.

Those of you who are chilling at RWA this week, please have a drink at the bar for me. Wish I could join you. 😉