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Free Stuff Roundup!

HBN_buff_FB3bIt’s been a kick-ass release month for Hunter by Night! I’m grateful to everyone who has checked out the book, and especially to those of you who took the time to leave a review.
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Win a paperback copy of Prince of Power from my author buddy Aria Kane! (ends 6/19)

Win a copy of Hunter by Night from Manga Maniac Cafe! There’s also a fun interview with Lee. (ends 6/25)

Win a copy of Hunter by Night at Fresh Fiction, where I’m talking about alpha males and angst

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Random Nostalgia

So I was reading a post on someone else’s blog this morning, about an idea that was born at a Cracker Barrel. Since I haven’t eaten at one of those in years, it occurred to me that a) a story idea I’m currently playing with also came (in part) from an encounter I once had a Cracker Barrel and b) before that, the last time I’d eaten at one was after camping with friends – we got rained out, and when we woke up the next morning we decided warm biscuits beat wet cereal or trying to make a fire.

I’l admit, I’m kind of a wussy when it comes to camping. My idea of “roughing it” is staying in a hotel that lacks wi-fi or valet parking. I tried to paddle a canoe in girl scout camp and wound up going backwards. I’m simply not outdoors inclined unless it’s to read a book in the sun.

I went camping that rainy weekend–it’s been maybe a decade or so now–because my friends wanted to go and I loved my friends. I’m one of those people with only child syndrome, so I tend to be super loyal to my buddies because I didn’t have a big, tight-knit family. Oh, yeah, and there was a boy involved (isn’t there always?). Disappointingly, none of those folks are in my life now, but the memory made me realize how nostalgic I’ve been feeling lately about my college years. Maybe it’s the fact that I –gak- just passed my mid-thirties. *grabs the hair dye*

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m about to release the last book in my beloved Chronicles of Yavn trilogy that’s got me reflecting on all the angst of my twenties and earlier (horrors), but I’m doing the thing I never thought I’d do and noodling around with some younger characters, with very dark problems that have nothing to do with vampires. Will anything come out of it? We’ll see I suppose. I kinda hope so, because the hero? He looks an awful lot like this guy. 😉

More to come, I’m sure.

Adam von Rothfelder - Photo by Michael Stokes

Adam von Rothfelder – Photo by Michael Stokes


Stay awesome,



I’m super psyched to bring you guys the brand new shiny cover for Lee’s book! Book three of the Chronicles of Yavn, Hunter by Night, is due to hit shelves in early 2014! We’ve seen the push-pull stormy attraction between everyone’s favorite badass, centuries old, human-hating vampire and the vampire queen’s human best friend throughout King of Darkness and Prince of Power, and I am truly beyond psyched to finally be telling their story. And just look at those eyes you guys!!


About Hunter by Night:

A supernatural war is about to ignite a scorching hot romance

 Lee protects his vampire race, and hates humans as much as the wizard enemies he kills. Just as he’s assessing new recruits to join the vampire king’s army, all hell breaks loose. The estate’s security system fails, wizards are heading their way, and human-hating Lee is stuck protecting Alexia, the queen’s human best friend. But as dangerous obstacles force Alexia and Lee closer, an undeniable attraction is revealed, and the two must find a way to compromise.

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Many thanks to Enchantress Blog Tours and to all the bloggers are helping me reveal the cover today. Big, big, squishy hugs you guys. SO excited about this book. You have no idea. Well, maybe you do. And if you do, then you are totally my tribe, and I heart you!


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Boy Sure Does Get Around, Huh?

princeofpower-1000I love, love, LOVE my cover for Prince of Power. I think the image of this smoldering shirtless hunk staring over his shoulder with the still-oozing bite of his vampire lover captures Anton perfectly. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the cover artist whose job it is to take the concepts of my books and so many others great stories and interpret that concept visually. So I want to be clear that this blog post is very tongue in cheek. It’s just the amusing reality of stock photography. You find a gorgeous man that would look exceptionally sexy on a book cover? Chances are, some other folks have too.

And “my Anton,” he’s a hot, hot, sexy hero. Many Coroprate Takeover - Victoria Bricecover artists have agreed. MANY. You can find him out there in everything from surf shorts to his tighty-whities, to threesomes (I think somewhere I even saw him in a fivesome? The mind boggles.) and everything in-between. Or…nothing at all.

double shot - christine daboChris, at a blog site called Stumbling Over Chaos has an entire series of posts devoted to Anton, or as she calls him, “Starey Glarey Guy.” I prefer “Smoldering Hotness,” but whatev. It makes for a good chuckle, and I have to say some of the covers were intriguing enough that now I kinda wanna check the books out.

Happy reading, everyone. I’ve got a deadline looming so everyone may be hearing from me less. Just remember, it’s all for a good cause:

Lee Goram, the King's human-hating first in command

Lee Goram, the King’s human-hating first in command