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SO…whatcha reading?

Okay I’m big time braindead lately, folks. I posted this like a week ago but accidentally made it a new page/tab thingie at the top instead of a blog post. I win at all the awesomeness, ever.  *tosses confetti*

I don’t know about everybody else but for me it’s officially become the time of year when ALL I want to do is cuddle under my blankets with coffee and a good book.

TBR Pile_0615131257
Oh, TBR pile. I miss you, too.

So actually I’m not reading much right now except for pouring over the line edits for Hunter by Night, which I have been working through for the last couple of weeks. But. Prior to that, I’d gotten on a paranormal YA kick, and I was pretty psyched about that. I’m still kind of discovering YA, and I got a little overwhelmed by the contemporary stuff–some of it is fabulous, but so dark, so when I came across some really awesome paranormal YA I was totally hooked. I just finished Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins, which I totally loved. I can’t wait for book three. Also, I just found The Poison Princess. Everybody has been telling me this book is awesome so I think I may dive into this one after I’m done with my edits for Hunter by Night.

(BSP alert: Speaking of a bargain, King of Darkness is still on sale at a reduced price, if you didn’t snatch it while it was on sale for $1.99 you can grab it for a limited time at $2.99, which is still a couple of bucks off the usual price. No, it’s not YA, but it’ll still keep you warm when the weather gets chilly. :))

So what’s your go-to genre when the weather gets cold? I know a lot of folks are picking up holiday stuff. If so you may want to check out my friend Robin Covington’s Secret Santa Baby which is on sale now for 99 cents. A guaranteed win.

Happy reading!



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Out of the Box Reading Challenge!

Deal alert! My debut novel, King of Darkness, is currently on sale in ebook at B&NAmazon, Kobo Books, and iTunes for only $1.99! And if you’re a member of the Discover a New Love digital book club you can grab King of Darkness right now for only $1.49!

Sooo! Books Make Me Happy Reviews (Host of the Olde City New Blood Paranormal Con–registration ends soon, will I see you at the ghost tour?) is doing an Out of The Box Reading Challenge for 2013!!

I rarely do reading challenges because as it’s just hard to find time to read, and I tend to read in fits and starts. I may read nothing for months and then spend the week in bed with the flu, blasting my way through a dozen books. My time is limited, but really, the best thing for an author is to read outside of our comfort zone, it’s a great way for our craft to grow. We absorb new technique, structure, and language by reading a variety of authors. So imma try. Who knows? You can get more info (and how to enter to win the big box o’ prizes) on the Books Make Me Happy Blog, but here’s the quicky category list.

  • January – Comedy
  • February – NON Paranormal Romance
  • March – Science
  • April – Poetry
  • May – History
  • June – Self Help/Personal Growth
  • July – Kids Book 
  • August – Biography
  • September – M/M, F/F, or Menage Romance
  • October – Fairy Tales / Mythology
  • November – Holiday
  • December – Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
My Picks (may change my mind or update, but here’s the tentative plan):
  • January – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess)
  • February – On the Island – Tracey Garvis Graves
  • March – TBD
  • April – TBD
  • May – TDB
  • June – TBD
  • July – I suppose it would be cheating to just choose one of my preschooler’s books and call it good, so I’m thinking maybe something in the Captain Underpants vein? Dunno.
  • August – I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had – Tony Danza
  • September – This is TBD–if I were a big old cheater I’d put down Lover at Last and call it good, or maybe something by Mary Calmes whose writing I already know I love, or Megan Hart who I also enjoy and who often has a little bit of threesome action in her books. If I’m actually going to be reading outside of my comfort zone I should maybe choose an f/f romance, I think I’ve read maybe one all the way through, ever. Anyone has suggestions, I’m open. 🙂
  • October – TBD
  • November – Secret Santa Baby – Robin Covington (if I don’t break down and read it sooner)
  • December – Prince of Shadows  – Tes Hilaire (The sequel to her just-released Deliver Me from Temptation. I’m pretty sure it’s due out in December of 2013.)

There we go! What do you think you’re going to read? Think you can go the distance? Can I? Any of my readers who finish the challenge, email me at the end of the year, there’ll be something fun from me in it for ya.