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Create Something Magical. And Jell-O Shots.

I’m headed up to the Liberty States Create Something Magical Con this weekend! Tons of fabulous authors, and there will be a book signing open to the public on Saturday 3/16 from 4:30 to 6 at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. Come join us!

Jell-O & Cream

I have a hilarious joke, wanna hear? OF COURSE YOU DO. Okay, so a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants… Nowaitaminutehere… ahem… 

Do over: So I turned in Chronicle of Yavn book 3, Hunter by Night, to my editor. I am super thrilled and relieved to the gills (and psst! I’ve gotten a sneak peek at the cover art. It’s GORGEOUS!). The joke part? Oh, well see I told everyone “I’ll be much less busy in March!” AHAAHAHahahahahahaha! Not getting the joke? See everything I’ve been putting off for the past month while I feverishly tried to finish and rework and oh, hey, that plot point doesn’t work at all… All that stuff kinda has landed in a massive pile on my head, plus there’s anxiety, because I’m dead certain I am forgetting something. Thanks to the anxiousness, plus daylight savings time and kids that won’t sleep, plus the beeping “low battery” smoke detector that woke me at four AM thank you, I haven’t slept in days. I’m sort of stumbling around like a moron, in that dizzy haze one gets after too many Jell-o shots. Sure, you can still walk to the bathroom with dignity, but you shouldn’t drive or do heavy math…not that I’d know.

Dear Universe, it’s me. Elisabeth. Can I please have my shit together? 

No worries. Next week will be better! Elle Magazine promised.

OH! Also!

Leave a comment at Books Make Me Happy Reviews for a chance to win a free book or a pack of swag! Contest ends 3/16