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Why you should read erotic romance in 2013

Today’s guest post is brought to you by the fine folks at Adam and Eve.

Reading has a great way of shaping the way we see ourselves, of educating us and letting us explore beyond our four walls, but can reading fiction, specifically erotic romance fiction, help us in our relationships? We think so.

While erotic romance scored major points this past year with the UK’s official Book of the Year, Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s actually been around for a long time and will undoubtedly outlast the Grey phase. With that said, why should it and why should you be reading it? Good and simple: it can improve your sex life. Here’s why.

Reading erotic romance can help reinstate your libido. Maybe it’s been dragging recently, maybe you’ve been overwhelmingly busy and sex is the last thing you’re thinking about? Whatever it is, it’s time to bring it back, but it’s not as easy as clicking your heels and hoping for it’s valiant return. Reading erotica can help you relax (and de-stress) while simultaneously getting in the mood. Pick up a book during breaks at work for an added jolt of energy or at home to get the fire burning. This works because women are typically turned on mentally, whereas men are typically turned on visually. So simply indulge in the mental stimulation of a book. Your partner will thank you.

Reading erotic romance allows you to take ownership of your own sexuality. It forces you to learn new positions and role playing themes, as well as analyze the way you think about sex. Erotica typically paints sex in a positive and healthy light. Reading it can help you identity any underlying issues you may have or change your mind on a few topics. It also allows you to literally take ownership of your sexuality, by taking it into your own hands. Why wait for your partner to come home or for one to come along (if you’re single)? Just get some help from Adam and Eve and you’re in business.

Reading erotic romance can also help you try new things in the bedroom and introduce dirty talk. You could use the stories as fodder for scenes you and your partner can act out or as an introductory course to something you may have previously known little about, like BDSM. If you’re interested in incorporating some dirty talk, but don’t know how, simply open a book and begin reading it to your partner. This will help you adjust to saying these kind of things out loud and before you know it, you’ll be saying them on your own.

Reading erotic romance novels can also put you in touch with your romantic side. Romance always sizzles after awhile. Allow these books to remind you just how wonderful it is and act on it. Romance can be contagious and once your partner sees you behaving this way, they just might join you.

Finally, erotica can actually make you happier. One, because you’ll probably be having a lot more sex, but two, because these kind of stories usually have happy endings. Hence reading erotic romance novels can give you a more positive outlook on life.

So switch out one of the books you’re reading right now with an erotic romance and see how it changes your life. Happy reading!