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Deadlines, yo.

Lee Goram, the King's human-hating first in command

Lee Goram, the King’s human-hating commander

This is Lee. Remember Lee? I sure do, we’ve been logging a lot of quality time together these past couple of months. Hot, sweaty, sleepless nights full of coffee, hideous bastardizations of the f-bomb, and endless Spartacus marathons. We’re both big fans. Many thanks to Nyrae Dawn for getting us hooked on this show. She rocks hard.

So as my epic deadline to turn in the book draws near, we’ll both be huddled in close…conversation. Buffing, polishing, hoping to make Hunter by Night the best it can possibly be. I’ll try to post. I’ll try to Twitter and Facebook. I imagine I’ll need the occasional sanity break. But it may be a couple of weeks before I’m normal and sane again. Y’all know how these things go, I would imagine.

Just a heads-up, Lee’s January 2014 release date has been put on hold by my publisher. It will still be early 2014 I think, but I don’t have the exact date at the moment. As soon as I know, YOU will know. Sweartagod.

Thank-you as always for your patience and support. Big hugs.

Those of you who are chilling at RWA this week, please have a drink at the bar for me. Wish I could join you. ūüėČ

Hunter By Night Update and Giveaways!


Hunter By Night is turned in to my editor! Whew! And we have a release date! January 7, 2014 is when Lee’s story will hit shelves! Now, Prince of Power was available at some B&N stores as early as late December I’m told, so I don’t know if the same will happen with Lee, but that’s the official drop date. ALSO, it is already listed on Goodreads and Amazon! So if you’re really chomping at the bit you can¬†add it to your TBR list or go ahead and pre-order the¬†paperback!

You’ll notice the cover art isn’t up yet.¬†*¬†If you are a blogger and would like to take part in the cover reveal tour on 4/1, please email¬†enchantresstours AT gmail DOT com¬†with your blog name and link!¬†

Summer hair.

In the meantime, some giveaways! The fine folks at Aussie blog Novels on the Run who have been wonderful supporters of the Chronicles of Yavn series are doing an international giveaway of some Prince of Power and King of Darkness swag. You can enter here.

Read-Love-Blog is giving away a pack of signed swag and an e-copy of King of Darkness until 3/25! You can enter here!

Also, I am doing a giveaway of two paperback copies of Prince of Power over on goodreads! Check it out:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Prince of Power by Elisabeth Staab

Prince of Power

by Elisabeth Staab

Giveaway ends March 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


Also, a great time was had at the Liberty States Create Something Magical con in New Jersey this past weekend, minus the part where I got lost 2 miles from the con IN New Jersey, where I made many illegal U-turns. Sorry New Jersey, your jug handle thingies are confusing. Many thanks to Rayna Vause for being an excellent and professional con coordinator and to Caridad Pineiro and Stephanie Julian for helping to put together a spectacularly fun worldbuilding panel. I also had the pleasure of meeting KA Mitchell whose work I’ve always enjoyed as well as spending time with many other authors I know and love from previous events. I hope to do it again next year.¬†Sherrilyn Kenyon is going to be next year’s keynote speaker, a huge thrill for us paranormal folks. Do come and join us next time!