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Create Something Magical. And Jell-O Shots.

I’m headed up to the Liberty States Create Something Magical Con this weekend! Tons of fabulous authors, and there will be a book signing open to the public on Saturday 3/16 from 4:30 to 6 at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. Come join us!

Jell-O & Cream

I have a hilarious joke, wanna hear? OF COURSE YOU DO. Okay, so a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants… Nowaitaminutehere… ahem… 

Do over: So I turned in Chronicle of Yavn book 3, Hunter by Night, to my editor. I am super thrilled and relieved to the gills (and psst! I’ve gotten a sneak peek at the cover art. It’s GORGEOUS!). The joke part? Oh, well see I told everyone “I’ll be much less busy in March!” AHAAHAHahahahahahaha! Not getting the joke? See everything I’ve been putting off for the past month while I feverishly tried to finish and rework and oh, hey, that plot point doesn’t work at all… All that stuff kinda has landed in a massive pile on my head, plus there’s anxiety, because I’m dead certain I am forgetting something. Thanks to the anxiousness, plus daylight savings time and kids that won’t sleep, plus the beeping “low battery” smoke detector that woke me at four AM thank you, I haven’t slept in days. I’m sort of stumbling around like a moron, in that dizzy haze one gets after too many Jell-o shots. Sure, you can still walk to the bathroom with dignity, but you shouldn’t drive or do heavy math…not that I’d know.

Dear Universe, it’s me. Elisabeth. Can I please have my shit together? 

No worries. Next week will be better! Elle Magazine promised.

OH! Also!

Leave a comment at Books Make Me Happy Reviews for a chance to win a free book or a pack of swag! Contest ends 3/16

Olde City New Blood #giveaway

Olde City New Blood BadgeDearly Beloved,
We are gathered here today, to join two awesome things in a state of increased awesomeness.

Today, we’re bringing together an author/reader mini-con, and the chance to WIN YOUR WAY IN FOR FREE!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… you will all have until October 6th to hop around from author to author, blogger to blogger, and enter at every stop to win one of 3 FREE REGISTRATIONS to Olde City, New Blood, the upcoming urban fantasy/paranormal romance mini-con in St. Augustine, FL next February.

You can check out the official website for the complete list of Featured Authors (I’ll give you a hint… one of them is ME!!) and Featured Bloggers. There’s also a main contest post with all the participating authors, bloggers, and dates for the contest. It’s super easy. Visit each of the spotlight blog posts and author websites listed, fill out the Rafflecopter link on each one (one entry PER POST, not per day… and yes, they will be checking), and POOF, multiple entries to WIN!!

The prize is one of 3 FREE REGISTRATIONS to see me and about 49 other authors on the sunny beaches of St. Augustine, Florida, from Feb 8th-10, 2013 (AND IT’s MY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!). We’re going to be doing panels, readings, meet & greets, and just generally having a fun weekend with our incredible fans!! Please keep in mind, if you win, you’ll have to cover your own travel and hotel expenses, but your ticket into the party will be on Olde City, New Blood!!!

The contest runs from September 30th – October 6th, and the 3 winners will be announced on September 7th. Don’t forget to click the Rafflecopter link below before you hop off to check out the rest of the contest posts!! Good Luck, everyone!! I hope to see you ALL in Florida this February!!

Olde City New Blood Rafflecopter giveaway