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The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels

Love this. Shared by Barbara Vey this week on her blog, I thought it was worth spreading the proverbial love. As an author who writes romance, I get aaall sorts of responses when I share what I do for a living. The range swings from interest, to raised eyebrows, to open distaste. This video, in which Maya Rodale talks about why romance novels have gotten such a bad–and undeserved–rap, was eye-opening even for someone like me who champions the romance genre.

Speaking of Barbara Vey, this week is her 6th anniversary bash, and there will be a TON of prizes given away! I think my author buddy Mary Calmes and I may have thrown a little something into the mix. We’re so sleep deprived I can’t say we recall for sure, but I think so. Anyway, the bash goes on March 4-9, so be sure to stop by and get your party on! There’s gonna be tons of awesomeness to win!

Chat Wrapup and Free Stuff

If you missed yesterday’s chat at Discover a New Love, you can go read what you missed, here! We had a fun discussion, Barbara Vey was awesome, and the hour flew by! Thanks so much to all of you who stopped joined in. 🙂

And, The Darkness tour is still going on! Tes Hilaire and I are having a great time on our summer Darkness tour, and we have a few dates of giveaways left!

June 22 – I Smell Sheep

 June 23 – Book Monster and Literal Addiction – LIVE CHAT FROM 2-3pm EST
June 28 – Darhk Portal