Quickie: Win a copy of King of Darkness, and How Do You Like Your Vampire?

Somehow I wound up with dueling blog posts today, so I didn’t figure I needed to post on a third topic today. Instead, imma just go ahead and redirect you to the other awesomeness going on elsewhere in the interwebs.

Stop by Anna Cade’s blog Herding Cats & Burning Soup where I’m talking about Prince of Power and the things my hero Anton will do to win over his vampire female as an enemy of her race. Anna has so sweetly and awesomely offered up a SIGNED copy of King of Darkness that she got from me back at the Olde City con in February as a giveaway item. Cuz like I said, she’s sweet and Awesome. Enter here.

Also, I was honored to be asked to join a new group blog called Paranormal Unbound. Nine paranormal and urban fantasy authors have banded together to further the genre and promote is’s awesomeness. Today I’m blogging about vampires, cuz well, DUH. Vampires. Stop by and party with us. Water’s warm and salty.

Have a great week everyone!

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