So I saw a JR Ward book signing on youtube, in which she discussed the fact that she does her work on a computer that is not connected to the internet. I know, I know. More JR Ward stuff. Bear with me. So she works on a computer that isn’t connected to the internet, and I guess when she does her message board postings or whatever else then she goes to a different computer. Now for me, it’s just not feasible. I’m quite lucky to have any computer – the one I have now was a gift from my friend Mark (if I recall correctly he accidentally spilled scotch on it, then gave it to me. :P) and because of the way I work on a wildly varying schedule around kid bedtimes and naptimes and whatnot I need something portable. I’ve even been known to park in the driveway and cram the darn thing in behind the steering wheel of the car after both the kids conk out during errand running. Beyond that, I feel as if I actually rely a lot on having the internet “right there” when I’m working because I can look stuff up and research if I feel the need to confirm the accuracy of one thing or another.  A few weeks later I get my first RWA publication in the mail and there’s an article about procrastination, and avoiding the temptation to surf, check email, etc. when you’re supposed to be sitting down to write. I realized it’s a huge problem for me. When I really started paying attention it became clear that there are times when I’ll get little more than a sentence down before an unseen force is alt-tabbing me to email, looking for playgroup ideas, shopping for groceries…it’s pretty sad. I knew I tended to try to “multitask” while I was writing but I didn’t know it was that bad. Given the limited time I have for writing I really need to tighten up my routine. I’m getting better about making sure the FIRST thing I do when I sit down is write so I don’t accidentally spend 45 minutes sifting through email before I finally get started only to have the baby wake when I’m in the middle of a love scene. It’s happened plenty of times, believe me. And if you can manage to write about your characters getting hot and heavy while bouncing a baby on your knee you’re better than I am. Like so many areas of my life that need improvement, it’s a work in progress. I definitely need to come up with some ways to compartmentalize and focus better.

After all, this baby’s gotta get done by the end of April, or I’m screwed. Moreover, I’ve already booked my plane ticket for Crestview, KY to go to the Lover Mine signing in May as a reward for finishing, so it’s gotta happen. It will, I’m sure of it. I’m pretty sure I’m almost done. I haven’t quite seen how I get there yet, but I know it’s close. I just hope it’s good. 😉  Oh boy.

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