Out of the Box Reading Challenge, part deux

Sooo! I figured it was time I check in and see how I’ve been doing on the Books Make Me Happy Out of The Box Reading Challenge for 2013!! I can tell I had great intentions (doesn’t everyone?), but then life intervened as it is wont to do. And my memory failed, as IT is wont to do. I am currently facing down a big old deadline for Hunter by Night and usually I need to binge-read for a couple of days to reboot after I turn in a manuscript, so maybe once I’ve turned in the manuscript I’ll catch up. Fingers crossed!

What I’ve read for the challenge so far this year:

  • January – Comedy – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson – I kind of intentionally haven’t finished this one yet, but it’s fucking hilarious. Unlike a novel that I find myself blazing through so I can get to the end and find out what happens, this humorously embellished story of Lawson’s life is the kind of thing that I enjoy picking up whenever I really need to be, you know, picked up. Not only is it funny, but it’s the kind of book that makes you feel like no matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone in the world. Her blog is a scream (and also sometimes very touching) as well.
  • February – NON Paranormal Romance – Okay, this is easy and hard at the same time. I read more non-paranormal these days than I do anything else. A lot of New Adult and a lot of erotic contemporary. Some of my recent faves for intense emotion or unique voice (or more likely both) have been Charade by Nyrae Dawn, Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay, Tangled by Emma Chase,  Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, His Southern Temptation by Robin Covington, and Love on the Line by Kimberly Kincaid
  • March – Science – Uh… Okay. Utter fail on March, April, May, and June. Unless you count the fact that I did read half of Wired for Story by Lisa Cron as self-help. 😉
  • April – Poetry
  • May – History
  • June – Self Help/Personal Growth
  • July – Kids Book – Okay I totally read Ten Little Ladybugs to my kid before bedtime the other day. I think this counts.
  • August – Biography (Can we double-dip? My January book was a biography. Is that cheating?)
  • September – M/M, F/F, or Menage Romance (Now see, I totally just read The Space Between Us by Megan Hart, which was menage. Can I count this for September? I’m such a cheater.)
  • October – Fairy Tales / Mythology
  • November – Holiday
  • December – Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Uh, ok. We’ll see if I come through on any of the rest of these by the end of the year. 😉 How about the rest of you?

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