Olde City, New Blood

Five months to go until the Olde City, New Blood con. Are you registered? This is gonna be cool. Not a ginormous conference like Romantic Times (which I LOVE, I decided after the last one that I intend to go every year), but a small, intimate affair where you get to hang out near the beach with your favorite paranormal authors, do ghost tours, and watch bad movies.

And we will be in the company of some awesome authors. Tess Hilaire, Laura Kaye, Laurie London, Damon Suede, Amy Lane Poppy Dennison, Alyssa Day, and many more! You can check out the full author list, here. Not to mention there will be a great charity book signing, some awesome vendors, artists, bloggers, and other amazing industry professionals. Only five months away! For those of us in the chilly part of the country it will be a great escape.

Ohyeah, and it’s the weekend of my birthday! I can’t effin’ wait.

Bring on the ghost tour.


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