Because Neil Gaiman knows more stuff than I do…

Olde City New Blood BadgeWe’re getting into that busy time of year at Chez Staab. Prince of Power releases in January. The Olde City New Blood Con is coming up in February (wanna come and meet me in sunny Florida? I’m giving away one free admission, here, and my M/M author buddy Mary Calmes is giving away a set of her Warder books, too!). And THEN, Lee and Alexia’s book is due March first… Ohyeah, then there are some holiday type things going on in there¬†somewhere. Plus, yanno, parenting three kids (oh, my!). So while I try to update my blog weekly (I think I used to anyway), I am not so great when I am busy, and I am about to get a little insane. If this here blog gets a little stale, apologize in advance.

In the meantime. I get asked a lot for author advice, and I hope what I have to say is useful. Sometimes, I may not have time to give an in-depth reply though, and while adding an “author resource” page to my web site is on my to-do list, I am not sure when it will make it to my “done” list. So if you haven’t seen it, check out the Neil Gaiman commencement address, because it’s got some great tidbits and he knows way, WAY more stuff than I do. If you HAVE seen it already, watch it again. It’s that good.

Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro has a fabulous author resources page, you can find it here. She, too, knows way more stuff than I do. She will also be at the Olde City Con in February. So, see? You should come. We’ll both be at RT in May, as well. Oh! Also the proceeds for her current release are going to be given to the Jersey Shore cleanup between now and March–entertain yourself AND help a good cause! Check out the Prince’s Gamble at Amazon and B&N.

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