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I’m extremely honored to be part of this anthology: Scribbling Women & The Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

Containing twenty-eight essays from twenty-eight fabulous romance authors about their own personal love stories, you’ll find touching remembrances, funny anecdotes, and everything in-between.  The stories are about how we met, how we wed, and how we loved. When I touched base with Hope Tarr, who came up with this amazing idea and put the whole thing together, she said she was light on wedding day stories. The day I married my husband was full of one crazy happening after another, but beautiful all the same, so that was the story I shared in Scribbling Women. I hope you’ll enjoy it and all the other stories in Scribbling women, and the good cause you’ll be supporting with your purchase.

All net proceeds go to benefit Win (formerly Women in Need), a charity that helps homeless women and their families in NYC.

About Scribbling Women: 

In Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them, twenty-eight popular romance fiction writers  reveal their real-life stories of how they met, wed and love—and are loved and supported by—their spouses and life partners. At times whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny, at others poignant and bittersweet, all unfailingly inspiring, each essay celebrates that most powerful and sacred of human bonds: love.

Happily Ever After isn’t only the stuff of romance novels and fairy tales. It is every woman’s birthright.

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Find out more including a complete list of participating authors at Scribbling-Women.com or on Twitter: twitter.com/ScribblingWomen and Facebook: www.facebook.com/ScribblingWomen

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