King of Darkness is on sale!

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Happy Black Friday! When you’re all done blocking and tackling your way to the best deals on stuffed animals and electronics, there are some fabulous deals on reading material to be found today! Among those, King of Darkness is on sale at all the major vendors in ebook today for only $1.99! I assume this is today only, or maybe just for the weekend, but I don’t really know for sure.

Also, check out this cool new imagining of King Thad’s arm brand, done by Elizabeth Babski of Babski Creative Studios. She’s done some amazing graphic design work for me, including the banner on my Facebook page. Look for some cool swag coming in the future with this groovy design. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Anyway, happy Black Friday! My husband is psyched he can finally put the lights up on the house, and the kids just want more hot cocoa. Me, I’m not so psyched about the cold, but I do love all the merriment. And the chance to download discounted ebooks to my Kindle with wild abandon. Not that I get to read any of them yet. I just got another round of edits for Hunter by Night!

All work and no shopping…

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