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Spot the Typo

So I’ve been working on marketing and web site maintenance for my novel, King of Darkness.

One aspect I’ve continued to struggle with it the catchy little blurb that is supposed to get people’s attention and make them want to read the damn book . So far, I’ve changed it around several times and I still don’t like it. The latest revision wound up with an interesting typo that really changes the tone of the whole thing:

Just outside the nation’s capital resides one of the largest remaining vampire settlements and its continued safety hangs in the balance. An evil can of Wizards are killing off the vampire society and using black magic to acquire their powers.

Thad is the new vampire king, young and inexperienced but yet he is expected to take the throne and save the race from uncertainty. In his quest to find the strength to rule, he meets a sultry live in the moment party girl who he believes is destined to be his queen. Will she be able to help him come into his power? Can he convince her to leave everything behind to help the fate of their kind?


An evil can of Wizards?? That’s right, it’s just like a can of whoop**s, only uh…different.