I have never been asked to sign boobs

I don’t read other very blogs often. Oh, there are many FABULOUS blogs, and that is the problem. You sit down with a cup of coffee and make with the clicky-clicky, next thing you know you’re still in your bathrobe and your kids were supposed to be at school an hour ago.


But I check in once in awhile with Jeaniene Frost among others, because she’s a cornucopia of humor and wisdom. I admire the time and effort she puts into her blog given how busy she must be. I’m actually mega-thrilled that I will be speaking on a genre panel with her at RT in May (Blood Light, on humor in vampire fiction). I look forward to soaking up her wisdom. And humor.

Speaking of humor from Jeanine Frost (dig that segue, baby), I came across the following on her blog recently that I just had to share, because I can relate to the bit about weirdly supportive parents (the bit about Firefly not as much, because with two small children I never get to watch “big person” TV. Oh, and nobody has asked ME to sign boobs either, I guess I can relate to that. T-shirts, yes. Boobs, no.).

My mother, who has never read my books, once bought three copies of King of Darkness on Amazon because the page said there were only three left in stock and she thought it would be cool for me to “sell out” on Amazon. I don’t think it works that way, but God bless her. It’s nice that she was being supportive.

At least she hasn’t asked, like my father in law, why I still don’t have a job. 😉

And every once in awhile I get a text message from a friend. A picture from whatever Barnes and Noble they happen to be in “Hey look, it’s Prince of Power! Right next to Terry Spear!” Also sweet.

Truthfully, this story of Jeaniene’s reminded me how wonderful supportive parents can be. The alternative is so unpretty. I took a ton of online writing workshops when I started and one of those focused on the concept of balancing life/family/writing and I read many stories from authors whose parents and spouses did not support their chosen trade. Parents who did things like throw away their writing journals. Spouses who refused to assist with any child care help. I used to tutor underprivileged children and was always saddened by the sight of a clearly talented child with nobody encouraging them. Young or old, dreams are so vital.

With two young kids to care for full time, I could not do what I do without the support of my family and friends. I had friends who baby sat while I was getting King of Darkness ready to submit for the first time, and my mom drives all the way from West Virginia to help out with the kids when I go to cons, like she will when I go to RT. My husband takes the kids evenings and weekends when I’m on deadline. It really does take a village. I am so, so lucky and blessed. And grateful.

So all of you who have supported the writers in your life, big hugs. Thanks for helping us to do what we love.

And thank you to Jeaniene Frost for being so talented and funny.

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