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The Big Prince of Power Blogopalooza! Win Stuff (updated now with more prizes)!

And. We. Are. Off!

Happy 2013, everyone! This week marks the official kickoff of my Prince of Power blog tour! Anton and Tyra officially hit shelves and e-readers on January 8th, and the virtual blog tour is ON. Lotsa fabulous giveaways, and I shall attempt to keep you apprised of where I will be and when I will be there. Are you following me on Facebook and the Twitters? I announce the occasional special contest there, as well.

Oh. Awesome news. Right now, get King of Darkness in ebook at B&N, Amazon, and iTunes for only $1.99! 

K! So here we have the list of guest blog / giveaway stops!

  • Jan 1 – Reading Between the Wines – Read in the NewYear with the vampires from King of Darkness and Prince of Power. Siddoh shares his recipe for baked brie! Enter to win a copy of King of Darkness OR Prince of Power! (contest ends 1/18)
  • Jan 2 – Literary Escapism – When Bad Heroes Go Good – Exclusive excerpt with Anton and Siddoh
  • Jan 2 – Reader Confessions – why tortured heroes make better lovers. Win a copy of Prince of Power! (Contest ends 1/9)
  • Jan 3 – Fresh Fiction – how does this romance feel? Check out my playlist for Tyra and Anton, and enter the ONE DAY ONLY GIVEAWAY!
  • Jan 5 – Night Owl Reviews – Unexpected surprises as a debut author. Enter to win a copy of Prince of Power! (contest ends 1/11)
  • Jan 7 – Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell – interview and enter to win a copy of Prince of Power! (contest ends 1/20)
  • Jan 9 – Romancing the Book – Interview and giveaway!
  • Jan 9 – Coffee and Porn – Tes Hilaire and I (and our characters) participate in “Wednesday Whine and Wine”
  • Jan 10 – Novels on the Run – An intensive Q&A! Find out more about me, the series and what’s coming up next! You can also check out the fantastic review they gave King of Darkness, here and the one their review of Prince of Power, HERE.
  • Jan 11 – Coffee and Porn – Enter to win a copy of Deliver Me From Temptation by Tes Hilaire or Prince of Power by me!
  • Jan 11 – The Qwillery– Author interview and Ah-NOTHER giveaway!
  • Jan 16 – Blog swap with NYT/USA Today Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro!
  • Jan 21 – Cocktails and books – Interview and Giveaway (ends 1/26)
  • Jan 23 – Under the Covers Book Blog – Interview and Giveaway, and an exclusive excerpt! (ends 1/29)
  • Jan 25 – Manga Maniac Cafe – Interview and giveaway! (ends 2/4)
  • Jan  28 – Long and Short Reviews

Also, please be sure to swing by on January 16th, when I will be swapping blogs posts with best-selling author Caridad Pineiro, who is doing a wonderful fundraiser for the Jersey Shore.

 Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year! Will have more soon!

Wanna check out the new Prince of Power trailer? See it here (many thanks to Rachel Firasek for the awesome trailer):

It turns out I use the word awesome a lot…

GraveTells: Paranormal Romance News & Reviews
…but sometimes you just don’t know what else to say. I wrote King of Darkness kind of as a challenge to myself. A “let’s see if I can” thing, something that I would do while my kids were napping. One day I realized it had become a career and a monster and something I need to do for my sanity, to breathe, and when will the kids be in school so I can write more, and so on.

Now, as hot as the fire burns inside to write more (my friend Amy calls that drive her writing dragon, which always strikes me as appropriate. I kept getting dragon tattoos when I was younger, I always wondered what that obsession was–I didn’t realize back then that they were writing dragons), the tragedy that just happened in Connecticut has tempered my desire to rush my oldest “baby” off to Kindergarten and start that new series I’d been burning to dive into. Yesterday my son was having a rough morning, so instead of taking him to preschool we drew pictures and baked Christmas cookies together all morning. He didn’t practice his alphabet and I’m a day behind on my writing/blogging/pimping schedule. We’ll all be okay. Balancing parenting and writing is harder than I realized. Being an author at all is harder than I anticipated. Every day is a learning experience. Still, I love to write, I love my readers, and I’m so, so  grateful.

King of Darkness was literally the first novel I wrote. I wrote essays and poems and short stories here and there my whole life, but a 90,000 word novel? 352 pages, balls out, Elisabeth Staab King of Darknessmany story arcs, many points of view and voices and whatnot? King of Darkness was almost like one of my babies. I started writing it just after my youngest was born, and talk about a challenge. A challenge I knew may never see the light of day. That it did, that it sold, that people liked it…It’s just so awesome. And I have been so flattered to have multiple readers/bloggers list is among their favorite books of 2012, and Prince of Power, one of their most anticipated books of 2013. Awesome. So, so awesome. Thanks you guys.

Lee Goram, the King's human-hating first in command

Lee Goram, the King’s human-hating first in command

To have that first try, that book that I sometimes wrote while typing one-handed with a sleeping newborn in my lap, recognized by a well-respected site like GraveTells, is another huge honor. I’ve been nominated in their 2012 Readers Choice Awards for Most Promising New Author, Most Engaging Author, and King of Darkness has been nominated for Best Cover Art (by artist Jodie Welter, who ROCKS) and everyone’s favorite BAMF, Lee, has been nominated for Most Memorable Sidekick (I’m working on his book right now btw). So voting begins Friday, 12/21,and regardless of who you vote for, I hope you vote, because we authors all appreciate the support. And many congrats to my fellow nominees, I am honored to be in truly great company. Thank you to everyone for the continued awesomeness. I’ll come up with a better words soon. Promise.

Meanwhile, you can go here to vote until 12/28.


Happy holidays,



Meet Lee and Alexia


Lee Goram, the king's human-hating first in command

Lee, the vampire king's human-hating first in command

So Anton and Tyra’s book, Prince of Power, is almost finished.  It’s available for pre-order already and Amazon, B&N, and BaM, and the ARC is already up on Netgalley, I think. (correction: some of my street team members said they checked and no, it’s not on Netgalley yet, I was mistaken about that one. Sorry, folks. I’m sure it’ll be up in the next couple of months, I recall about a 3-4 month lead time on King of Darkness)

The last round of edits were longer and harder than I expected. In fact, I confess this whole book has kind of been a struggle for me. I think that’s natural. King of Darkness was not my first piece of fiction, but it was my first book. My first balls-out, full-length, multiple story arc, multiple POV full-length novel. I love that story, always will, and for my first effort I’m quite proud of it even though looking back I see a thing or two I wish I’d done differently. Prince of Power, was my first sequel. Turns out sequels are hard. You’re no longer writing a book in a bubble, there’s a waterfall


Alexia, the queen's human best friend

effect. You have to write the book so that it will make sense to anyone coming into the series late, but also so that anybody who read the previous story will feel that you did justice to the continuing story line. Tricky. I love Tyra and Anton’s characters and I pray I did it well. I certainly tried my bestest, and I hope you love them as much as I do.

And now, on to Lee and Alexia. I’ve been doing a lot of research for this one, which means more upfront legwork, the writing itself has been slow going. Lee’s character has been a little nebulous up until now, and I finally get to crack him open and see what makes him tick.  I’m really excited about that. There are a lot of details yet to be finalized, but in the meantime I thought I’d share the inspirational photos I’ve been using for Lee and Alexia’s characters.  Enjoy!

The Christian Hurt Charity Auction and Sale is Open!

Just a quick note to let you know the Christian Hurt Charity auction and book sale are going on now, you can find the deets here: http://www.memyshelfandi.com/p/faq_06.html

What do I have in the auction? For the writers, I am offering up a full MS crtitique for auction as part of a cool writer’s pack that also includes a partial crit, web site design, and much more. You can bid on that, here:


For you the readers, there are two book packs containing SINGED King of Darkness books and T-shirts, you can find them here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/132RMW72KU4s_vdSZVFI3XKMq-I5cZD9SDOVfx5vzAcI/edit

and here


PLUS, two random book packs from t he sale will contain a free Nook or Kindle fire, so you might get a super awesome bonus for your $25 donation!

Discover a New Love! Live #Chat and Awesome #Giveaway!

Hey guys! Sourcebooks has launched a really groovy new digital book club called Discover a New Love, and King of Darkness is one of the featured books for June! To celebrate I will be hosting a chat at 7pm central (I think that’s 8pm EST, yes?) on Thursday June 14th. Stop by and pow-w0w for a chance to win a free 6 month membership to this awesome new digital book club (you get one free book a month for the 6 months with that, folks!), one of two free copies of King of Darkness, or a signed King of Darkness tote bag filled with a Prince of Prince T-shirt and other cool prizes! Find out more and check out previous author chats at http://www.discoveranewlove.com/parties/