Wicked Days with a Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf Book Two


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(Lone Wolf, Book 2)

Sherri Walker quit her job and changed her zip code for a man who is often known to howl at the moon. When she trips over a dead body and her criminal ex pops up, she’s forced to take a detour from her spontaneous future and confront her past mistakes. Suddenly nothing is clear and Sherri questions an already unlikely relationship. Is Ash her future, or is the danger of loving a werewolf too much to handle?

Even though he’s left his pack, Asher Hughes still values family. His sister-in-law needs protection, but the new love in his life may be in danger as well. Sherri’s ex is whispering poison in her ear, and Ash is feeling pulled between old loyalties and the chance at a new beginning with the human he wants. It’s enough to make anyone, man or beast, go crazy.


“Oh, hell no. This cannot be happening.” Sherri stared at the supernaturally mauled body by her feet and cursed herself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “I do not need this right now.” Or ever. Really, never would have been a good time to find a dead guy while running errands.

Backing away from the blood and gore as she pulled out her phone, she tried not to take too much interest in the body itself as she dialed the authorities. Solving crimes wasn’t her job anymore. Still, this man’s death had clearly not been accidental, and a gal would be hard pressed not to find that interesting.

Or she might, if she hadn’t been taking an extended vacation to enjoy her hot new relationship with her hot new boyfriend. Her hot new boyfriend, who was trying to call her while she dialed the authorities. Of course he was.

Sherri hung up to answer Ash’s call. “Hey. I’m gonna have to call you back. I sort of ran into a situation.”

“What kind of situation? Did you get the bagels? Baby, I’ve got eggs on. You know I take brunch seriously.”

God help her. She took a closer look at the body crumpled between the trash container and the back door of Pan Delicioso bakery. What was left of the man’s skin looked bronzed and the hair on his head was dark, but she couldn’t tell much about the features with all the damage. Someone or something had done quite a number of his face and throat.

After a run-in with Ash’s pack when she first came to town, Sherri was pretty sure she’d picked up on the signs of a were mauling. Sure enough, what looked like animal tracks led away from the area behind the trash bin. She’d bet her dwindling savings account this was a shifter killing.

She’d been texting on her way into the bakery. Had she honestly been distracted enough to miss the body then, or had this unfortunate man met his end during her intense selection of cinnamon rolls and blueberry bagels?

The questions made her turn back to study the body, wondering about other things, like motive… Not your case. Not your problem.

Already clear of the spatter, Sherri took another healthy step to the side. She’d given herself a pedicure the night before, dammit, and starting the day with dead guy blood or were scent on her feet was asking for trouble. Or more trouble, anyway.

Ash huffed into the phone. “Sherri? Talk to me.”

Sherri cleared her throat. “I’m fine. I, uh, seem to have won the crime scene lottery this morning.”

Ash muttered something she couldn’t quite understand. “You’re fucking kidding.”

Sherri gestured with the bagel bag, even though Ash wasn’t there to see her. “Do you think I’m kidding? I really wish. Guess what? Found a dead guy. Haha, April Fools. Oh. Wait. It’s September.”



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