Losing the Fight, Evergreen Grove Book 5

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He’s already blown his shot…

Tyler Thacker threw away his MMA title. When his brother died and he lost the girl he loved, getting his career back seemed impossible. Now that girl is in the picture again and so is his chance to set things right.

Kate Flynn hasn’t been the same since the accident that killed Tyler’s twin and left her injured. When their best friend drags her to Evergreen Grove, she comes face to face with her first love. Being around Ty pushes her to get her life in order, but it also brings up pain she’d rather have kept buried.

Tyler needs to reclaim his future. Kate needs to let go of the past. Maybe, together, they can fight through the agony of what they’ve lost. Maybe, together, they’ll win something truly amazing.

I keep wondering how a person’s supposed to keep going when they’ve lost both halves of their heart.

Nah. Strike that right there.

When you’ve had half your heart—the half that was your perfect mirror, the half that was so essential you figured anything else in your world could collapse but with that one piece of you still beating, you’d be okay—that half? When that half gets ripped out so fast your head whips back from the blow. Then, just when you think you can try to stand, the rest that was trying its damndest to keep going gets yanked out and crushed.

Then dusted over the hospital food of the girl you loved, and eaten with her gelatinous, green dessert.

Letting Alonzo talk me into this trip was straight-up insane. I tell myself so even as I follow him and Kate back to his roommate’s car.

Seeing her again kicked me harder than I expected. I’m fighting to stand in front of her without doubling over from the blow. It’s almost like she’s fishing around inside my chest cavity to see if there might be any missing pieces she left behind.

Probably so she can step on them with those fine-assed boots she’s wearing. Not as if she’s wearing a hell of a lot else.

It might piss me off, knowing so many people tonight have looked at her in nothing but a sports bra, but there’s too much pain in my chest to feel anything else. Hurt nobody gets to see, because it’s mine alone.

So I’ll do what I’ve always done, and smile. Pretend it’s good to see her. Pretend it’s like old times, even though those times are buried in the ground with my heart. With my brother.

Except I can’t pretend. “So, what is all this craziness, Kate? You’re the hard-partying kind now?” I try to ask with my usual easy humor, but there’s an edge cutting underneath. Part of me wants her to hear, because I want an answer to my real questions.

What is wrong with you? You died and came back, and this is what you do with your second chance at life?

“It works. I get to dance. Sometimes I get to sing.” She shrugs and tucks her short, dark hair behind one ear. Like she cares less than not at all. For all I know, she doesn’t. The girl I knew wore what her mother told her to and cried if she got an A-minus on a test.




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