Blood Moon Over a Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf Book Three


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(Lone Wolf, Book 3)

Humans vs. shifters. Good vs. evil.

In Elisabeth Staab’s third book in the Lone Wolf series, lines blur and loyalties are put to the test:

Will Ash put blood before his human’s love? Will Kyle shun Jett’s newly found affection and return to the pack that nearly destroyed them both? Protecting Zoe could cost Lane everything, but he may be the only person who has the power to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, the blood moon looms over them all, transforming lovers into strangers and weakening those who gain their power when the moon is bright.


She was reading with her legs draped over his favorite leather chair when he got inside. With her shiny, dark waves of hair piled on top of her head and her reading glasses perched at the tip of her nose, she looked like a studious librarian. A sexy, long-legged, creamy-thighed, pouty-lipped, angry as motherfuck librarian.

“Hey, baby. How was your afternoon?”

Sherri didn’t answer. The sharp V of her eyebrows and that deep crease in-between them, on the other hand, spoke volumes.

Ash sniffed as he hung his leather jacket on a hook by the door. Cheese and Italian spices hung in the air. “Something smells great. Did you cook?”

She pursed her lip and turned the page of the novel she was reading. Something with a picture of a chiseled man in a business suit on the cover. A fantasy man—one very unlike Ash.

Well. Shit. “You’re mad. Fine. We can’t fix it if you don’t talk.”

Slowly, carefully, she licked the tip of her finger and turned the page. Jesus.

Okay, enough of this shit. “Sherri.” He growled and sank to his knees, spinning her in the chair as he went down. Forcing her around to face him made her sit up and put the damn book down.

About fucking time.

“You’re pissed. I get it. I acted like a dick. You want me to eat a bag of dicks. You want to separate my dick from my body and leave it out in the desert for the scavengers to find. Go ahead and say what’s on your mind. The silent treatment helps nothing.”

Her green eyes flashed and her lids narrowed. “You were a dick.”

Ash slid his palms along her upper thighs. He tried to ignore the heavy weight in his arm and the pins and needles digging into his right hand. Lately, he’d come up with excuses not to make love, because he couldn’t touch her the way he used to. This wasn’t him. Through her thin yoga shorts, he could still feel the curve of her leg enough to hold on. Or enough to fake it.

“You’re completely right.” Using his good hand, he nudged her chin so she had to look into his eyes. “I’m understaffed at the restaurant. The blood moon is coming, which always throws me into shit mood. These are poor excuses. I know I went off half-cocked this morning. Let me make it better.”



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