Author: Elisabeth

Write Naked!

So I decided to break out of my comfort zone (and I had 30 seconds of free time burning a hole in my pocket) to take a writing workshop.  It’s all about finding your voice as a writer, which I was intrigued by. Assignment 1 is to ID the primary things in your writing. My themes are:

1. don’t fight the feeling
2. sex has consequences
3. good triumphs over evil
4. opposites attract
5. it’s never too late

#2 is a biggie. I’ve been reading a lot of Suzanne Brockmann and I love that in her books every sex scene either involves a condom, or the characters wind up having a discussion afterward about the potential implications. I don’t think that happens enough in the real world, let alone in novels.


OK not completely, 100% finished, but my first draft is done. I actually #$(*ing finished the first draft of my novel. It needs serious reworking, and then it will probably need to be reworked some more, but I somehow managed since xmas to have written 108,000 words and I have to be honest, I don’t think it’s all that bad. People might actually want to read this thing one of these days. 😛

My favorite bit so far…

When he closed the door behind both of them, he noticed the humor hadn’t left Lee’s face. “OK, what?”
“Nothing, ” Lee replied as he dropped into a chair. His conversational tone feigned innocence. “It’s just that usually when I smell blood and sex wafting towards me, the individual on the other end is in a much better mood than you are right now.”
Thad pointed an irate finger at him. “Don’t start with me.”

From King of Darkness by Elisabeth Staab

Thoughts of a man buying lingerie

OK, let’s see what we have here. Whoa, get a load of that. What size is she, did she say a medium? I think she’s a medium. I sure hope so because if I get it wrong, I’m screwed. Too large and she’s insulted, too small and she thinks I want her to lose weight. Geeze! Thirty dollars for a scrap of fabric held together by a prayer and some glittery thread? What the hell do you do with this? What do you even call that color, gunmetal? See this I like, but she might think it’s too slutty. I don’t want her to think I’m going for slutty, but if I get something too conservative she might think it’s boring. Should I get a saleswoman? I should get a sales woman. No, no. If I get a saleswoman she’ll railroad me into buying like five hundred dollars worth of lingerie that for all I know will never get worn. Oh, $#!% here comes one now. Maybe I should just get a gift certificate…

Kissing Bullets

Kevin Tai is a former employee of my husband’s. He used to do this cool thing on Instant Messenger where he’d put quotes each day, blurbs he’d written himself in an old-school detective novel kind of style. Apparently enough people told him it was awesome that he decided to start a blog:

Frankly, I’m not even a huge fan of the genre and I find it to a be a delightful read. We’re all hoping he writes a book one of these days.